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On this page, you can find sources that remember the real women who conducted these rituals - Leybeshekhe the Firzogerin of Kremenits, Gitele the Gabete of Koriv, Shiphra-Leah the Zogerke of Kletzk, Sore-Rokhl the klogerke of Krinski, Bobetshkte the feldmesterin and zogerke of Volovisk, Bobe Tzinke of Navaradok, Sore Grinberg and Hinde the opshprekherkes of Proskorov, and others.

Something I have noticed when comparing these sources with others that are taken from Yiddish fiction, is that these women were often deeply respected and cherished by their communities as ritualists. Far from being witchy characters who sleep in the cemetery like Moyshe Kulbak's Stesye un Gnesye (still two of my faves), many of these women were very learned, considered 'women of valour', and also served their communities as 'tukerins' (mikve assistants) or shul zogerkes (prayer leaders) - roles generally held in high esteem. Remembering them has become one of the main goals of this work. 

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