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Feldmestn and Kneytlekh-leygn source sheet and ritual guide

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Feldmestn and kneytlekh-leygn were most commonly practised in the month of Elul to make Yom Kippur, particularly during the days of reciting selichot, which started yesterday evening. For those who might want to try out the practice, or include it in High Holidays study sessions, I've created a source sheet and ritual guide which you can download here:

Feldmestn and Kneytlekh leygn sources an
Download • 234KB

A shorter and simpler version of this guide can be found here https://highholidaysathome.com/clip/feldmestn

This gorgeous photo, shared with permission, is of a candle made by a dear friend of mine using this guide, which she lit for her first day in Rabbinical school. In her words "honouring all the women who lit up the beis midrash (House of Study) with their lights, but were never able to study there themselves. I say to them: today I am doing what you could not, and I am bringing you with me."

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